...doesn't give dust a chance!

At the beginning of the eighties , when we developed the dustfree hollow milling system, an old processing method had been thereby revolutionized:

Dust and shavings get through the aspiration holes of the hollowed tool into the inside from where they are removed via the hollow shaft to the exhaust system. In the course of the years, the system has made its way into many new fields of processing and one can scarcely imagine working without it.

We have recognized the signs of the times and are now applying new methods with our hollow cutter CUTPRO.

6 reasons to decide on our tool

1. Considering comparable tools, the CUTPRO has a longer tool life many times over by using high performance steel.

2. Using a very dimensioned body of revolution allows the repeated resharpening of the tool.

3. An optimum tool configuration ensures a quiet running, even for great chip removing capacities.

4. An optimum cutting geometry enables cleanest surfaces.

5. Optimized suction performance due to the arrangement of the teeth.

6. Infinitely variable lengthes and diameters

Special profiles according to your specifications are available.