Pneumatic Deflasher for flexible foam plastics

Ease of use and rationalization - the new characteristics of the Gratex. The older techniques known up to now using knifes, blades, scissors or grinders now belong to the past due to the use of the Gratex. It has been especially designed for deflashing parted seams in the middle of level or curved moulded surfaces.

The Gratex also removes ribbed hardenings in one process. The rotary knife has been developed for this application. The special cutting skid ensures that the unit can be easily guided and that the foam to be removed is exactly positioned into the cutting area of the knife.

As it is a high quality product with a special grind for formed foams, an excellent cut can be achieved together with a longer life expectancy. When wear of the knife occurs the user can resharpen it with the pencil grinder as new. This process can be repeated many times over.

Gratex 20
Gratex 44