44.000 motions per minute on smallest space - that is the secret of sawing in a new scope of work.

The high-frequency swinging motion of only 3 mm of the special saw-blade deflashes, parts, saws, cuts materials being considered as complicated with conventional technique or as not possible to be worked.

The complete capsule enables you even the use under difficult conditions. Thanks to its ergonomic form, the light MultiCut of only 580g can be guided exactly and pre-cisely. By turning the tool and the thumb position, the user has perfectly the feel of the cutting depth. The power supply is already completely equipped; thus an over-load protection and a speed controlling device for the swinging motion for the individual material accomodation belong to the series volume.

The special processing tools being included in the Delivery Volume nearly cover effectively each processing problem (ref. application examples): from nonferrous metals up to plexiglass, glass-fiber reinforced plastic or wood - no problem. However, shouldn´t it be possible to solve an application problem with the available tools, we are able to develop a problem solution for the particular case of application.

The processing of thermoplastic synthetic materials: e.g. the removing of cutouts for the pick-up of additional head lights.

The MultiCut is a universal helper for the exhibition decor and for decorative objects as this branch is working with the most different materials at all, such as polystyrene, plexiglass, thin sheet metals, wood, cardboard articles or floor coverings. For all applications an absolutely necessary all-round helper.

In the orthopedic shoe technique, valuable natural leather is being cut and worked. An exact contour cutting, a precise work - no problem for the MultiCut.
The versatility and efficiency are shown among other things by the fact that the technician can now better process also thermally deformable plastics, cast-resin parts of plastics and cork insoles with the MultiCut.

Arguments for the SWINGCUT:

- no rough drilling

- no fraying out

- no disturbing burrs

- no deforming of the material by frictional heat

Delivery volume (standard):

MultiCut, power supply, tool kit, 1 special key, 3 saw-blades (CUT 1, CUT 2 and CUT 3). Delivery volume (Opto): Execution as per customer´s specification (e.g. for the fixing-in in devices).

CUT 1: saw-blade, cutting-edge convex, pitch 1.18 mm, conical relief grinding.
Application: processing of thin sheet metals, nonferrous flat metal parts and all kinds of materials.

CUT 2: like CUT 1, however, with double relief grinding and one-sided radius of the saw bevel
Application: Processing of materials with disadvantageous thermal expansion

CUT 3: knife, cutting-edge concave, one-sided long and opposite-sided with short chamfer
Application: Cutting of all kinds of soft plastics

CUT OPTO: execution as per customer´s specification