Profile cutter Z700

ZEIM recycling cutters for expanded polystyrene (EPS)

Task definition

Generation of shavings suitable for recycling that avoid the obstruction of the bar screens in the block form. Thereby the quality of finish shows an acceptable planed surface.


The geometry of the cutting teeth has been completely modified compared with the traditional rasp toothing which means that the desired size of the cutting grain is achieved with a few number of tooth lines (that guarantee nevertheless a sufficient overlapping of the teeth) using adequate speed and advance parameters.


In order to minimise the downtimes (clearance of the bar screens) when producing EPS with recyclable shavings, the usage of a dust collecting device is absolutely necessary:

- On the one hand for filtering the dust generated in the raw granulation or by the crushing machine.

- On the other hand for removing the fine shavings which can account for up to 10 % of all shavings caused during processing.

Profile cutter Z700