Segment cutting tool Z500

HM provided segment cutting tool


The advantages of the Z500

• Vibration-free cutting close to the chain conveyor. Through the recess of the hub, the enclosed bush can operate at every position, near to the material as well as across the centre of the axis.

• Silent through the closed form of the ZEIM cutting tool.

• Machine designed edge saw trimmer without tooth spaces: the trimming saws can be resharpened without stop, on any machine.

• Modular system: thanks to the mounting of further cutting units by flanging it is possible to increase the width from 22 mm to 40 mm or from 58 mm to 76 mm.


Exchangeable cutting attachments: 

All cutting attachments, also the enlargement units, are the same so that the attachments can run in every position. Through different blunts with differing gripping widths, the cutting attachments with mounted segments can also be separately exchanged.

Centring the milling attachments:

The turned and ground edge is used to centre the trimming saws. Therefore they can be unscrewed for resharpening without having to remove the whole unit from the machine. Furthermore, the same centring ring is used by the enlargement units in the previous attachments and provides for an absolute rotation and additional safety.



Segment cutting tool Z500