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  • Styro Cutter Z140 - Hot wire cutting gear for cutting polystyrene foam

Styro Cutter Z140

The StyroCutter Z140 is an all-round stabilizer, ruggedly constructed hand-machine which can be used in all areas where polystyrene foam is produced and manufactured. The blade can be heated up to 600°C in the shortest time and enables a simple and continuous process sequence.

The StyroCutter Z140 is a real profit for model-making and moulding, design and scene shaping, decoration and art, laboratories and for the industry of thermal insulation.

Advantages at a glance

- no trouble from cutting dust and electrostatic charging

- cutting length up to 140 mm

- a wide range of available blade shapes

- special constructions are possible

- simple fastening and exchange of the hot cutting knives

- fatigue-proof process because of a weight of only 985 g

- simple connection to the 230 V power supply

- a very good cost/performance ratio

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Styro Cutter Z140
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